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Information from Barometer surveys is published in news release format. There are two types of releases:
  • Quarterly economic trend data, and business plans for the next 12 months
  • Special "hot topics" or features on critical national and global business issues


Trendsetter Barometer® Q4 2016 - Private companies start 2017 with an optimism surge

Trendsetter Barometer® Q3 2016 - Despite lowered expectations, private companies keep spendin<>

Trendsetter Barometer® Q2 2016 - In these uncertain times, private companies remain focused on growth, though fewer plan to hire.

Trendsetter Barometer® Q1 2016 - Private companies remain on track despite economic jitters
05/05/2016 Trendsetter Barometer

Manufacturers Bracing for Slower Growth Environment, According to PwC’s Q4 Manufacturing Barometer
04/18/2016 Manufacturing Barometer

Trendsetter Barometer® Q4 2015 - Private companies see clouds on the economy's horizon but have sunny corporate forecasts
02/01/2016 Trendsetter Barometer

Manufacturers Bracing for Slower Growth Environment, According to PwC’s Q4 Manufacturing Barometer
01/07/2016 Manufacturing Barometer

Trendsetter Barometer® Q3 2015 - Private companies feel less exuberant about the economy and own forecasts
10/27/2015 Trendsetter Barometer

Manufacturers Turn Cautious on Global Economic Outlook, According to PwC US Survey
10/15/2015 Manufacturing Barometer

Private Companies Optimistic about Hiring and Sustained Overseas Investment, PwC Survey Finds
07/28/2015 Trendsetter Barometer

Economic Sentiment among Manufacturers Softens from Recent Record High Levels, According to PwC US
07/21/2015 Manufacturing Barometer

Private Companies Remain Bullish about Growth Forecasts and Hiring, Despite Concerns over Skills Gap, PwC Survey Finds
04/28/2015 Trendsetter Barometer

Manufacturers Remain Optimistic Despite Growing Concerns around the Strong U.S. Dollar, According to PwC US
04/07/2015 Manufacturing Barometer

Private-Company Optimism the Highest in Nearly a Decade, Despite Hiring Challenges That Threaten Growth, PwC Survey Finds
02/03/2015 Trendsetter Barometer

Economic Sentiment Rises Among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers, According to PwC’s Q4 Manufacturing Barometer
01/21/2015 Manufacturing Barometer

Private-Company Confidence Rises, in Tandem with Greater Profitability and Risk Appetite, PwC Survey Finds
11/12/2014 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Forecast Solid Revenue Growth in Year Ahead, According to PwC’s Q3 Manufacturing Barometer
10/07/2014 Manufacturing Barometer

Private-Company Leaders’ Bright Economic Outlook Spurs Stronger Capital Investment, Latest PwC Survey Finds
08/05/2014 Trendsetter Barometer

Major Capital Spending Plans on the Rise Among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers, According to PwC’s Manufacturing Barometer
07/17/2014 Manufacturing Barometer

Optimism about US Economy Driving Private-Company Expansion Plans, According to Latest PwC Survey
04/29/2014 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism Regarding Domestic Outlook Among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Rises to Highest Level in Eight Years, According to PwCs Manufacturing Barometer
04/17/2014 Manufacturing Barometer

Private-Company CEOs More Optimistic Heading into 2014
02/04/2014 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Optimistic Regarding Domestic and World Economic Outlook for 2014, According to PwC’s Manufacturing Barometer
01/23/2014 Manufacturing Barometer

PwC Survey Finds US Private Companies Raise Revenue Forecasts
11/05/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism for World Economic Outlook Improves among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers, According to PwC’s Manufacturing Barometer
10/15/2013 Manufacturing Barometer

Private Companies Signal Rising Confidence in US Economy, PwC Survey Finds
07/23/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism for Domestic Economic Outlook among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers at Highest Level in Five Quarters, According to PwC's Manufacturing Barometer
07/18/2013 Manufacturing Barometer

PwC Survey: Majority of Private Companies Already in Compliance with Next Wave of Healthcare Reform Requirements
07/11/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

PwC US Survey Finds Uptick in Economic Optimism and Hiring Plans Among US Private-Company Executives
04/23/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

PwC's Q1 Manufacturing Barometer Reveals Prevailing Optimism in Domestic Economic Outlook among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers
04/16/2013 Manufacturing Barometer

Vast Majority of Private Companies Reinvesting Savings from Cost Containment Measures into Growth Plans, According to PwC Survey
03/28/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

PwC Survey Finds Private Companies Are Embracing Bold Innovation to Meet Growth Objectives; Talent and Technology Play Key Roles
02/21/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Express Increased Optimism Regarding the Domestic Economy, According to PwC's Q4 2012 Manufacturing Barometer
01/29/2013 Manufacturing Barometer

PwC US Survey Finds US-Based International Private Companies More Aggressive About Growth and Spending; Companies Overall Plan Increased Hiring
01/22/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

PwC Survey Finds US Private Companies Increase Revenue Forecasts, Amid Overall Tempered Optimism
11/16/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Remain Positive on Revenue Growth Expectations, According to PwC’s Q3 2012 Manufacturing Barometer
10/25/2012 Manufacturing Barometer

PwC survey finds that private companies see business benefits in formal corporate governance
10/03/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

Private-Company Optimism and Revenue Forecasts Dip as Economic Uncertainty Persists
08/14/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Remain Largely Optimistic Amid Weakening Sentiment Toward World Economy, According to PwC's Q2 2012 Manufacturing Barometer
07/26/2012 Manufacturing Barometer

Growth-focused private companies embrace digital tools for customer engagement and research
07/11/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism about US economy bounces back for private companies. Solid revenue growth expected by nearly all
05/15/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism Regarding U.S. Economy Continues to Rise Among U.S. Industrial Company Manufacturers, According to PwC's Q1 2012 Manufacturing Barometer
05/01/2012 Manufacturing Barometer

After a year of black swans, growth-focused private companies rethink risk resilience
3/13/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

Most private companies expect positive growth, majority plan upswing in hiring
2/7/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

US industrial company manufacturers expect moderate growth in 2012, according to PwC's Q4 2011 Manufacturing Barometer
01/26/2012 Manufacturing Barometer

US Private Companies Prioritizing Innovation as Growth Engine
12/15/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Private company economic optimism drops, but 12-month revenue outlook is fundamentally strong
11/10/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism for the U.S. and world economy hits all-time low, according to PwC's Q3 2011 Manufacturing Barometer
10/26/2011 Manufacturing Barometer

US Private Companies Pursue Growth Abroad; Emerging Markets Offer Brightest Prospects
09/13/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Private company optimism about the economy drops, yet spending plans strengthen
08/11/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

2011 Own-Company Revenue Growth Projections for U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Continue to Improve, According to PwC's Q2 2011 Manufacturing Barometer
07/28/2011 Manufacturing Barometer

US private companies increase IT budgets, with focus on growth and efficiencies
07/07/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Private companies see strong US economy, less certain about world economy
05/31/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

2011 Revenue Growth Projections for U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Improves, According to PwC’s Q1 2011 Manufacturing Barometer
04/28/2011 Manufacturing Barometer

Majority of US private companies have identified workforce skill gaps; more than three-quarters plan to hire over next two years
03/09/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Private companies' confidence in US Economy returns to pre-recession levels
02/22/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism for U.S. and global economic outlooks rises sharply among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers, according to PwC’s Q4 2010 Manufacturing Barometer
01/27/2011 Manufacturing Barometer

Confidence in US economy declines among private company CEOs overall, but international companies prove more optimistic
12/09/2010 Trendsetter Barometer

Two-thirds of US private companies have had good access to capital, though some lacked sufficient resources to fund major initiatives over past two years
12/09/2010 Trendsetter Barometer

Uncertainty replaces optimism around U.S. Economy’s prospects among U.S. industrial manufacturers, according to PwC’s Q3 2010 Manufacturing Barometer
10/28/2010 Manufacturing Barometer

Nearly half of private company CEOs believe healthcare reform may have a notable financial impact on their business
10/13/2010 Trendsetter Barometer

Most US-based multinationals forecast growth amid sagging economic expectations and uncertainty
09/08/2010 Management Barometer

Optimism among private company CEOs dips slightly in the face of regulatory, political, and economic uncertainty
09/01/2010 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. economic outlook continues to stabilize, uncertainty about the global economy lingers among U.S. industrial manufacturers, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers' Q2 2010 Manufacturing Barometer
07/29/2010 Manufacturing Barometer

Nearly half of private company CEOs feel pressure to take on more risk, many believe risks their companies face will increase
06/29/2010 Trendsetter Barometer