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Each quarter, PwC's "Trendsetter Barometer" interviews Chief Executives of America's leading private companies.

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Trendsetter Q1 2016 Report

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Trendsetter Barometer® Q1 2016 - Private companies remain on track despite economic jitters

Measure twice. Cut once. That’s the old carpenter’s saying, and it’s also sound advice for anyone seeking insights from data. But which data do you look at? What exactly do you need to measure?

Well, you might start by sizing up private companies. For over 20 years, we’ve been taking measure of privately held businesses through our Trendsetter Barometer survey, asking their leaders what they’re seeing in the economy, their industries, and their businesses. We’ve learned that their answers can give us a better idea not only of where private companies — still the core of the US economy — are heading, but also the direction of the economy overall.

So, what have private companies been telling us lately?

They’re nervous about the US and world economies, but not nervous enough to pull back much on spending, slash revenue forecasts, or reduce headcount. Instead, they’re taking uncertainty in stride and keeping a steady eye on long-term growth — the kind of big-picture thinking that private companies are known for and that the economy benefits from time and again.