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As US private companies go, so goes the nation. It’s a good line. And, as it happens, we’ve got the data to back it up — 20 years’ worth. That’s how long we’ve been interviewing private-company leaders for our quarterly Trendsetter Barometer® survey.

Trendsetter Barometer® Q1 2017

How are private companies faring under the Trump presidency? The jury is still out.

May 2, 2017

“If we move past the crazy first days of this president and get something done, it would be great.” So said the CFO of an employee benefits and payroll services company when we spoke with him in the first quarter of this year. And “great” is indeed how some private companies think Trump’s presidency could be, given the right circumstances. “It’s too soon to tell, but based on Trump's priorities, we are off to a great start in making America great again,” opined the CFO of a meat products company. Other private-company leaders are less upbeat: “Trump may destroy relationships around the world and set back international relations,” the president of an IT consulting speculated.

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Trendsetter Barometer® Q1 2016 - Private companies remain on track despite economic jitters
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Manufacturers Bracing for Slower Growth Environment, According to PwC’s Q4 Manufacturing Barometer
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Manufacturers Bracing for Slower Growth Environment, According to PwC’s Q4 Manufacturing Barometer
01/07/2016 Manufacturing Barometer

Trendsetter Barometer® Q3 2015 - Private companies feel less exuberant about the economy and own forecasts
10/27/2015 Trendsetter Barometer

Private Companies Optimistic about Hiring and Sustained Overseas Investment, PwC Survey Finds
10/15/2015 Manufacturing Barometer

Private Companies Optimistic about Hiring and Sustained Overseas Investment, PwC Survey Finds
07/28/2015 Trendsetter Barometer

Economic Sentiment among Manufacturers Softens from Recent Record High Levels, According to PwC US
07/21/2015 Manufacturing Barometer

Private Companies Remain Bullish about Growth Forecasts and Hiring, Despite Concerns over Skills Gap, PwC Survey Finds
04/28/2015 Trendsetter Barometer

Manufacturers Remain Optimistic Despite Growing Concerns around the Strong U.S. Dollar, According to PwC US
04/07/2015 Manufacturing Barometer

Private-Company Optimism the Highest in Nearly a Decade, Despite Hiring Challenges That Threaten Growth, PwC Survey Finds
02/03/2015 Trendsetter Barometer

Economic Sentiment Rises Among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers, According to PwC’s Q4 Manufacturing Barometer
01/21/2015 Manufacturing Barometer

Private-Company Confidence Rises, in Tandem with Greater Profitability and Risk Appetite, PwC Survey Finds
11/12/2014 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Forecast Solid Revenue Growth in Year Ahead, According to PwC’s Q3 Manufacturing Barometer
10/07/2014 Manufacturing Barometer

Private-Company Leaders’ Bright Economic Outlook Spurs Stronger Capital Investment, Latest PwC Survey Finds
08/05/2014 Trendsetter Barometer

Major Capital Spending Plans on the Rise Among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers, According to PwC’s Manufacturing Barometer
07/17/2014 Manufacturing Barometer

Optimism about US Economy Driving Private-Company Expansion Plans, According to Latest PwC Survey
04/29/2014 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism Regarding Domestic Outlook Among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Rises to Highest Level in Eight Years, According to PwCs Manufacturing Barometer
04/17/2014 Manufacturing Barometer

Private-Company CEOs More Optimistic Heading into 2014
02/04/2014 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Optimistic Regarding Domestic and World Economic Outlook for 2014, According to PwC’s Manufacturing Barometer
01/23/2014 Manufacturing Barometer

PwC Survey Finds US Private Companies Raise Revenue Forecasts
11/05/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism for World Economic Outlook Improves among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers, According to PwC’s Manufacturing Barometer
10/15/2013 Manufacturing Barometer

Private Companies Signal Rising Confidence in US Economy, PwC Survey Finds
07/23/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism for Domestic Economic Outlook among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers at Highest Level in Five Quarters, According to PwC’s Manufacturing Barometer
07/18/2013 Manufacturing Barometer

PwC Survey: Majority of Private Companies Already in Compliance with Next Wave of Healthcare Reform Requirements
07/11/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

PwC US Survey Finds Uptick in Economic Optimism and Hiring Plans Among US Private-Company Executives
04/23/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

PwC's Q1 Manufacturing Barometer Reveals Prevailing Optimism in Domestic Economic Outlook among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers
04/16/2013 Manufacturing Barometer

Vast Majority of Private Companies Reinvesting Savings from Cost Containment Measures into Growth Plans, According to PwC Survey
03/28/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

PwC Survey Finds Private Companies Are Embracing Bold Innovation to Meet Growth Objectives; Talent and Technology Play Key Roles
02/21/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Express Increased Optimism Regarding the Domestic Economy, According to PwC's Q4 2012 Manufacturing Barometer
01/29/2012 Manufacturing Barometer

PwC US Survey Finds US-Based International Private Companies More Aggressive About Growth and Spending; Companies Overall Plan Increased Hiring
01/22/2013 Trendsetter Barometer

PwC Survey Finds US Private Companies Increase Revenue Forecasts, Amid Overall Tempered Optimism
11/16/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Remain Positive on Revenue Growth Expectations, According to PwC's Q3 2012 Manufacturing Barometer
10/25/2012 Manufacturing Barometer

PwC survey finds that private companies see business benefits in formal corporate governance
10/03/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

Private-Company Optimism and Revenue Forecasts Dip as Economic Uncertainty Persists
08/14/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Remain Largely Optimistic Amid Weakening Sentiment Toward World Economy, According to PwC's Q2 2012 Manufacturing Barometer
07/26/2012 Manufacturing Barometer

Growth-focused private companies embrace digital tools for customer engagement and research
07/11/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism about US economy bounces back for private companies. Solid revenue growth expected by nearly all
05/15/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism Regarding U.S. Economy Continues to Rise Among U.S. Industrial Company Manufacturers, According to PwC's Q1 2012 Manufacturing Barometer
05/01/2012 Manufacturing Barometer

After a year of black swans, growth-focused private companies rethink risk resilience
03/13/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

Most private companies expect positive growth, majority plan upswing in hiring
02/7/2012 Trendsetter Barometer

US industrial company manufacturers expect moderate growth in 2012, according to PwC's Q4 2011 Manufacturing Barometer
01/26/2012 Manufacturing Barometer

US Private Companies Prioritizing Innovation as Growth Engine
12/15/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Private company economic optimism drops, but 12-month revenue outlook is fundamentally strong
11/10/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism for the U.S. and world economy hits all-time low, according to PwC's Q3 2011 Manufacturing Barometer
10/26/2011 Manufacturing Barometer

US Private Companies Pursue Growth Abroad; Emerging Markets Offer Brightest Prospects
09/13/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Private company optimism about the economy drops, yet spending plans strengthen
08/11/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

2011 Own-Company Revenue Growth Projections for U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Continue to Improve, According to PwC's Q2 2011 Manufacturing Barometer
07/28/2011 Manufacturing Barometer

US private companies increase IT budgets, with focus on growth and efficiencies
07/07/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Private companies see strong US economy, less certain about world economy
05/31/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

2011 Revenue Growth Projections for U.S. Industrial Manufacturers Improves, According to PwC’s Q1 2011 Manufacturing Barometer
04/28/2011 Manufacturing Barometer

Majority of US private companies have identified workforce skill gaps; more than three-quarters plan to hire over next two years
03/09/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Private companies' confidence in US Economy returns to pre-recession levels
02/22/2011 Trendsetter Barometer

Optimism for U.S. and global economic outlooks rises sharply among U.S. Industrial Manufacturers, according to PwC’s Q4 2010 Manufacturing Barometer
01/27/2011 Manufacturing Barometer

Confidence in US economy declines among private company CEOs overall, but international companies prove more optimistic
12/09/2010 Trendsetter Barometer

Two-thirds of US private companies have had good access to capital, though some lacked sufficient resources to fund major initiatives over past two years
12/09/2010 Trendsetter Barometer

Uncertainty replaces optimism around U.S. Economy’s prospects among U.S. industrial manufacturers, according to PwC’s Q3 2010 Manufacturing Barometer
10/28/2010 Manufacturing Barometer

Nearly half of private company CEOs believe healthcare reform may have a notable financial impact on their business
10/13/2010 Trendsetter Barometer

Most US-based multinationals forecast growth amid sagging economic expectations and uncertainty
09/08/2010 Management Barometer

Optimism among private company CEOs dips slightly in the face of regulatory, political, and economic uncertainty
09/01/2010 Trendsetter Barometer

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